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Product diversification / create customer value

Our company was founded in 1990, initially engaged in all kinds of machinery processing. By 1993 we have developed glass cleaning machines and glass grinders for traditional buildings. In 1998 our company has made the transition to automatic washing machines and grinding applications for scanner optical glass, and in 2004 our company has made another transition to glass cleaning machines for computer screens, cell phones, and touch control protection. We have become a rising star in the professional field of equipment manufacturing with constant and stable customer base. In order to meet industrial demands, our company will continue our effort in R&D and innovative design, and we will take customized manufacturing based on special specifications.

We have been keeping our faith of dedication, sincerity and responsibility. We hope to provide our customers with glass cleaning machines with high customer satisfaction. In Taiwan, our applied computer screens, cell phones, and touch control protection glass cleaning machines are highly appraised and have high market share, and it has been extended to Singapore, Vietnam, South East Asia, and Mainland China. We are very thankful for the constant support, criticism, and instruction from all users, sales agents, third party vendors, and peers of Shen Yu Machinery Co., Ltd. for our achievements.


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